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I have to say this has been an amazing day, it’s been, first of all, jam packed with information. I feel like I got an entire education about Commercial Print work out of this. It was fun, it was light, it was easy. The casting agents were wonderful and accessible, and it was just really extraordinary.


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Susan, we wanted to thank you again for inviting Alexander and Christopher to your ‘Shoot and Showcase Live’ event. The boys really had a blast, especially Christopher on agent day. He said the reactions he received from the agents confirmed his choice to continue to pursue acting. They both begged to stay in NYC. I feel like we really got a lot for the cost of the weekend, and the photos were amazing! Both boys reported that the agents all loved their photos! (From Christopher’s Mom)


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You both are true professionals and you give the industry the credibility that people are looking for. I only wish that more people knew about you!

Thank you again for the opportunity I am eternally grateful for the experience!


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I just wanted to take a second and ‘Thank You’ for everything! You created something very special in the ‘Shoot and Showcase Live’ that I think is going to change a lot of lives. Your creation is a glimmer of light in what can be a very dark industry and many lives will be better off because of it!


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I am so thankful to have crossed paths with Cristina and the ‘Shoot and Showcase’! Commercial Modeling has always been a dream of mine, but being of a slightly ‘heavier’ build, it’s hard to figure out where you ‘fit’.

Cristina’s knowledge and 20+ years of industry experience reassured me that there’s no need to change who I am to fit agencies-there are actually several areas of modeling I can start with right now!  I came away with agencies, intimate access into what the most elite agencies look for, and a streamlined strategy!

There’s no way to properly put into words the wealth of knowledge gained from the Shoot and Showcase–it was waaaay more than I could have ever imagined and is an investment I’d be willing to make time and time again!

Cristina ROCKS!


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I started pursuing my acting/modeling career in my late forties. Cristina assured me that my age was not a deterrent.

With the great career advice and awesome head shots I received at the showcase, I feel just as confident as a twenty year old pursuing the same dream.  Before my new head shots I was getting work as a background actor, with my new head shots , I booked a principal role on an upcoming episode of “Southern Fried Homicide” to be aired on Investigative Discovery Channel this June.


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Hi Cristina,

Thank you for all your help this weekend at the ‘Shoot and Showcase’. I much appreciate all your thoughts and advice.

And Thanks so much for all the photos — I am going through
them now. I even plan to use one at an upcoming audition!

Thank you!


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Don’t hesitate for a minute if you are considering the ‘Shoot and Showcase’ with Cristina DeHart! She puts on a fabulous event that teaches, transforms and takes you or your child to the next level.  She opens up her rolodex and shares with you her photographer and make-up artist extraordinaire whose photos are age-appropriate and capture the true essence of who you are to make you more marketable.

And if that weren’t enough, her rolodex remains open to bring you face to face with top agents in the industry who give you their individual time to speak with you, to ask questions and give you feedback that is priceless to move you forward, blossom and grow in the industry.

It’s all wrapped up in a nice neat package, and the bow on the top is the way Cristina cares about you and wants to help you succeed by giving you her own one-on one time to choose the best photos and pave a path for you to then follow. It’s evident that she loves what she does, as it conveys in the way she treats you or your child. I love that she is so approachable, and her name says it all – she is full of heart!
Mother of Sydney


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Cristina was an absolute pleasure to work with! I had an awesome time at the ‘Shoot and Showcase’. I highly recommend to all actors and models!


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Thank you for your faith in my sons. They had a wonderful time and got so much out of this weekend. I know how hard it was for you to put the entire weekend together and to give so much of yourselves via your advice and counsel. You did a wonderful job and we were all blessed to have this time with you. Thank you for caring. (From Alex’s Mom)